Joseph Schneider strolled aboard the mobile dental clinic with a cheery,
“Hello!” for the staff. At age 10, he is poised, confident and remarkably
curious about his dental care.

When the dentist walked into the exam room, Joseph had already put
himself in the dental chair. The conversation went like this:
Dentist:“You have a cavity that needs filling.”
Joseph: “You’re not going to pull the tooth?”
Dentist: “No, Just a filling.” She proceeds to apply a numbing gel to the area.
Joseph: “What’s that, the numbing stuff? Bubblegum again?”
Dentist: “No, it’s banana flavor this time.”

And that’s how it was for the entire visit: “What’s that?” “Can I do it?”
“What comes next?” And finally, “Can I have the mirror so I can see what
you did?”

When Joseph’s visit was over, he headed to the reception area, eagerly
made his next appointment and left the clinic looking thoroughly pleased
with himself.

At PRASAD CDHP, we appreciate having patients who take such positive
interest in their dental health care and, having dentists who want to
nurture that interest. They are so patient as they help children to explore,
learn and become comfortable with their dental experiences!